Julien Rimaire aka Baloo

The rockers of Strasbourg and its surroundings inevitably crossed paths with Baloo, which we no longer present in the community. Behind this nickname we find Julien, initiated into the precepts of DIY in the punk scene for over 15 years. This enthusiast has more than one string to his bass and today has a handful of activities carried out with passion: organization of concerts since 2005, artistic development, creation and direction of the Hell Prod micro label. This list would not be complete without an active presence in the heart of the music scene: founding member and bassist of the stoner group Los Disidentes del Sucio Motel, he left the group in 2019 after 15 years of living together, for new horizons. Among these, the group Samedi: Bagarre which he founded and leads to singing; in 2020 he joined the group Last Temptation as a bassist. A well-negotiated turn for this child of punk, who joins the 80's-inspired metal combo and thus broadens his playing field.