Ready for a one-way trip to California? That’s where Last Temptation will take you with its new line-up!

Led by guitarist Peter Scheithauer, Last Temptation is a French heavy rock band that has been making waves since its formation in 2019. It is now Loup Malevil who adds his powerful, melodic and charismatic voice to the mix, infusing the music with raw energy. Be ready! Because this cowboy promises you one hell of a trip!
They are supported by the talented drummer Fabio Alessandrini, with a groove that’ll keep you going. With proved skills with Annihilator, he solidifies the band’s rhythm section, laying the foundation for their explosive sound.
On bass, Franz OA Wise, a familiar face from Last Temptation’s 2022 tours, officially joins the band and completes the line-up. One thing is certain, his eagerness on stage is infectious!
With a second album « Fuel for my Soul » released in May 2022 and successful shows at Hellfest, and opening for Scorpions, the band has some good surprises in store for us.
An alchemy arises from the organic vocals and the catchy riffs of the 7-string, to create a sweating heavy rock, at the crossroads of Aerosmith and Van Halen.

Don’t miss the band’s third album at the end of 2024.